Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jude's Law- Lori Foster

Jude's Law is my first Lori Foster book. Jude is an SBC fighter and actor with an undeserved bad boy reputation. He fled Hollywood to escape from his past and met May, a curvy art dealer who keeps turning him down for dates. Jude's past catches up with him, however, and puts both him and May in danger, so May moves into Jude's house for her protection.

Jude's Law is a fast-paced contemporary romance featuring a bad boy hero. I should have loved it, but Jude's high-handedness got on my nerves, although the interaction between him and May felt very authentic, even when they were arguing. I also have to quibble with the ending. I'm well aware that there is a sequal, but the ending of Jude's Law was clumsily handled because of it; there was too much time wasted setting up book number two, Murphy's Law. As such, it felt like the reader was just left hanging, instead of the book being a fully resolved story that just happened to have secondary characters who get their own story next.

However, for all its flaws, Jude's Law kept me turning the pages, and I am glad to have more of Lori Foster's books in Mount TBR.

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