Friday, March 5, 2010

Animal Instincts- Gena Showalter

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Unleashing your inner tigress isn't easy when you're a doormat by nature! Still, after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix isn't about to let another man sweet-talk her into sheathing her protective claws. Not even hunky millionaire Royce Powell, who's hired her to arrange his mother's surprise party. Even if he does make her purr like a kitten with one heated glance...

Royce claims he's been in love with her since she threw a party for one of his friends six months ago. But if that's true, why is this incredibly eligible CEO currently taking applications for a wife? Despite herself, Naomi is tempted to fill one out. But can her inner tigress believe a man might change his stripes?

I've read several Gena Showalter books, and this book falls strictly into "I liked it" territory. I closed this book with a smile on my face, but the more I think about it, the more something bothers me.

Naomi fights Royce through every stage of their relationship, which seemed reasonable to me, given how badly she'd been hurt in the past. When she finally accepts Royce's proposal, Royce wants to rush into getting married, even though it felt like, for me, the entire relationship had been rushed. What really bothered me is what he tells Naomi to justify wanting to get married immediately: "I don't want you to have a chance to change your mind." Uh, no. Marriage is a serious commitment, and if someone is going to change their mind about it, it should happen BEFORE the ceremony. Thinking it through and being sure about it is a good thing, not something that should be avoided.

However, with that said, I felt that Animal Instincts is an enjoyable, light read. Naomi and Royce have sizzling chemistry and snappy dialogue that keeps the pages turning and the reader engaged. As long as a reader is able to suspend disbelief, this makes for a fun read.

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